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Available memberships​

  • Small Group Training:

    • The social aspect of this personal training design is what makes the workout fun. Workout with friends, colleagues or family and enjoy a variety of exercises to develop the whole body. Strong Studio group training will consist of 5 or less members.​

  • Personal Training:

    • Because of the rapid loss of Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber as we age, power and speed of movement is critical to maintaining independence and preventing falls. A direct link exists between power and an older adult's independence and ability to live life at a higher physical functioning level. We want to work together to stay strong and balanced to accommodate your current lifestyle, while still focusing on fitness goals.​

  • In-Home Training:

    • This is a special service for those that may not be able to make it into our facility due to injury or illness but would like to begin or continue a program. This is a great program for those needing to regain strength and to become more functional.​

  • Yoga:

    •  Yoga is a peaceful yet productive practice for your mind and body. It combines a series of postures and breathing techniques to calm the mind and strengthen the body at the same time. There are many health benefits of yoga such as; minimizing high blood pressure, strengthening bones, shedding weight, improving balance, reducing stress and improving your mood.